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Arrays and Abstract Data Type in Data Structure (With Notes)

Either you can download the handwritten notes in pdf (Link is given at the end of the page) or you can read them on this site itself.

Abstract Data Types and Arrays

ADTs are the way of classifying data structures by providing a minimal expected interface and set of methods.

Array – ADT

An array ADT holds the collection of given elements (can be int, float, custom) accessible by an index.

1. Minimal functionality:
  • get ( i ) – get element i
  • set ( i, num ) – set element i to num.
2. Operations:-
  • Max()
  • Min()
  • Search ( num )
  • Insert ( i, num )
  • Append (x)

Static and Dynamic Arrays:

Static arrays – Size cannot be changed

Dynamic arrays – Size can be changed

Quick Quiz- Code the operations mentioned above in C language by creating array ADT using structures.

Memory Representations of Array

Elements in an array are stored in contiguous memory locations.

Elements in an array can be accessed using the base address in constant time → O (1).

You can download the notes by simply clicking on this below download link. :)

Download Notes Here


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  1. ADT - Download here

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