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Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms

This Algorithms and Data Structures course will teach you everything you need to prepare for placements, interviews, and logic building. 
This playlist will teach you how to create optimal solutions to your real-world problems. We will cover a wide variety of data structures and algorithms in this course. Make sure to access the notes I have provided along with the course.

If you want to learn C language I have another video for that. Make sure to access it on my channel CodeWithHarry on YouTube.

Either you can download the notes in pdf (Link is given at the end of the page) or you can read them on this site itself.

Data Structures and Algorithms by Code With Harry

This course will get you prepared for placements and will teach you, how to create efficient and fast algorithms.

Data Structures and Algorithms are two different things.

Data Structures – Arrangement of data so that they (data items) can be used efficiently in memory.

Algorithms – Sequence of steps on data using efficient data structures to solve a given problem.  

Other Terminologies:

Database – Collection of information in permanent storage for faster retrieval and updating.

Data warehouse – Management of huge data of legacy data for better analysis.

Big data – Analysis of too large or complex data, which cannot be dealt with the traditional data processing applications.

Data Structures and Algorithms are nothing new. If you have done programming in any language like C, you must have used Arrays – A data structure.

Algorithm - Sequences of processing steps to solve a problem. :)

Memory Layout of C Programs:

When the program starts, its code is copied to the main memory.

Stack holds the memory occupied by functions.

Heap contains the data which is requested by the program as dynamic memory.

Initialized and uninitialized data segments hold initialized and uninitialized global variables respectively.

If you really like my work, please make sure to share the data structures course with your friends. Also, make sure to download the notes and make the most out of this course! All the best

Download Notes here


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Complete Notes Kaise Mil skta Hai Bhaiya
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I have no background in C or C++. Which language should I learn to follow this series? Which I will be able to do in less time?
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I Suggest, First learn basic of C Language with the help of >>
Then you can easily follow these series.
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