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Why Learn C Programming Language? : C Tutorial In Hindi #1

C Programming language is a computer programming language which was developed to do system programming for the OS UNIX & is on imperative programming language.

Before we dive into actual C language, let’s understand what the term Programming or Coding means?

What is programming?

- Programming or Coding is the way by which we can interact with computer and can give instructions to computer.

- Computer only understands Machine Language (Binary Digits).

-C is widely used programming language because it is reliable, simple and easy to use language. And because of these reasons only nowadays also C language is mostly used all over the world.

-C is a Low – Level Language as in C language the programmer has most of the control of the code.

History Of C Language :

  • C Language was created by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T {American Telephone and Telegram (USA) } Bell Labs in 1972.

So Let’s see some of the Features of C Language :

Features of C Language :

·      C is very fast & efficient programming Language.

·      It is Easy to learn Language.

·      It has many pre-defined functions and operators which make complex program easy.

·      It is one of the most powerful programming Language.

·      C is mainly and largely used to make large-scale projects.

Importance of C Language :-

·      C Programming is used when we need to extract best performance of the program.

·      Most of the OS are developed by using C language only.

·      In every developer survey result C language is always one of the ten programming language in the world.

·      C language is mostly in demand in the software markets of the world.

·      Because of C Language the hiring chance in any company becomes very high.

Most Famous Applications or Software’s Developed by C Language :

·      Most of the part of Linux OS is written in C Language.

·      MySQL Database is written or coded in C Language.

·      Most of the part of Ruby and Pearl Programming Language is written in C Language.

·      Python’s Library i.e. CPython is written in C Language.

·      And there are also many more applications written in C Language.

Let’s Discuss about the IDE and Compiler :

IDE and Compiler

   IDE – IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application which provides many comprehensive facilities to programmers for software or application development.

·      Ide provide tools to create build and test software’s. It also provides programmable editors, libraries, build automation tools etc.

·      It has features like syntax highlighting, syntax checking etc.

·      E.g. Net Beans, Microsoft Visual Studio etc.

   Compiler – It’s a software that transforms computer code written in one programming language into another language i.e. machine language.

·      It translates the source code to machine code so that it can be executed by the computer.

·      E.g. GNU Gcc etc.

So, It’s a complete overview of C Programming Language. In Next Post we’ll discuss more about it…

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