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Installing Android Studio & Setup | Android Tutorials in Hindi #1

Download Android Studio by writing “download android studio” in your browser’s search bar. Go to the official android studio website and download android studio!

Click on the  downloaded android studio in your Downloads folder  and install it by following instructions & clicking on “Next”

Create a new android project by selecting Create New Project > basic activity > name the project >  package name >  location >  language (java/kotlin) > API level(try to use an API which runs on maximum possible phones)

To be able to zoom in and out using mouse wheel, you will have to activate a setting as mentioned below:-

Go to “File > Settings > Editor > General and click the checkbox next to “change font size with cltr+mouse wheel”

To Create an Emulator for testing your Android app:-

Select  Tools > AVD  manger > Create Virtual Device > Phone/tablet (select the device you want to choose  ) > Next > System image (API level) > Finish

Here mainly two languages will be used : XML and Java. XML is for designing and Java is for the logic and hence is the brain of the app.

Code completion or Auto completion suggests the code while you write it and it is very helpful as it saves a lot of time while coding. There are three types of code completion in Android Studio

  1. Basic completion (auto complets variable name)                                        Ctrl + Space              
  2. Smart completion (auto completes code on the basis of context)               Ctrl + Shift + Space
  3. Statement completion (auto completes brackets , parantheses)                 Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Download Android Studio Here:


madhu 1 year, 5 months ago
Madhu from Rohtak,Haryana
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toqeer 12 months ago
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MadhavNetam 1 year, 1 month ago
Madhav Netam Village - Akaltara
Biju 1 year ago
Hai good voice
VIRENDRA 1 year ago
rummymks 1 year ago
nice work bro, Raminder From punjab
Dev4419 1 year ago
Devkaran From Meerut, UP
Knight 11 months, 4 weeks ago
Hi Harry bhai,
Mai ek issue face kar raha hu.
Android studio me, jab AVD device run karta hu toh 2 errors aate h.
1. Emulator: queryCoreProfileSupport: swap interval not found
2. Emulator: emulator: ERROR: VkCommonOperations.cpp:496: Failed to create Vulkan instance.
In errors ko kaise fix karu?
shwetabh 9 months ago
I am getting the same issue


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