Windows 11 Leaked - What's new and why its exciting?


Windows 11 is an upcoming version of Microsoft Windows. It will be the successor to Windows 10. Microsoft said that it was going to announce the next version of Windows on June 24, but the complete Windows 11 OS has appeared online, and it was first published at Chinese site Baidu.

Let's talk about the new features and updates that Windows 11 carries.

A better user interface

There's splendid news to all the UI lovers because Windows 11 comes with a cool-looking User Interface. Though there are not many changes, yet you will surely see the effect.

It features an updated UI that follows the company's Fluent Design guidelines viz. translucency, shadows, and rounded corners are prevalent throughout the system.

Start Menu

Microsoft has completely redesigned the Start Menu. It is simplified i.e. no more live tiles on the Start Menu. Instead, you'll find standard icons that show pinned apps, even recommended apps and files.


The taskbar has been renovated in Windows 11 as well. It is made streamlined and centered by default.

Round corners 

Windows and menus appear to have somewhat rounded edges. If you are a UI praiser, then for sure you are going to love the new design. It's one of the most stunning designs by windows OS.