[October 2021] Best Laptop Models to Buy For College Students


In this blog, we will be discussing the best laptop models to buy for students. Before buying any laptop you should consider these points first. 

  • Importance of SSD: 

You should always prefer a laptop with SSD. SSDs are 10X faster than mechanical hard drives and are highly recommended these days. SSDs usually have a longer life compared to mechanical drives.

  • Importance of Recent Processors: 

The processor is responsible for processing the data. Better the processor better computations can be performed by it. More threads and cores mean better multitasking(multiprocessing). Higher-generation processors are usually better in terms of performance and pricing.

  • How to get Discounts?

You can get very good deals during Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale. 

  • How much Ram is sufficient?

RAM is responsible for storing the programs temporarily in the volatile memory. The higher and faster the RAM, the better the multitasking performance. For an average user I suggest 8 GB of ram is enough. 

  • Do you need a Graphics Card?

If you are interested in gaming, video editing, or graphics-intensive software like Blender, Premiere Pro/After-Effects, you will need a good graphic card. Otherwise, graphic cards will not hamper your experience on your machine.

  • Best Laptop Models To Buy [October 2021]

Here I am providing the link to an Excel sheet where you can find the best laptop models which I have shortlisted. You can try these links below. 



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